Finally some science!

We reached station 18, working backwards from station 39, picking up more and more instruments along the way. We started looking at the recorded data from the stations with a special focus on the state of the instrument over its working cycle and the quality of the data. There is nothing more than a pristine clean seismogram that can make a seismologist happy. We are all overwhelmed by the high quality and richness of the dataset. This was somewhat expected because of the high-end, state-of-the art broadband seismometers that we used. However, one has to remember that these instruments operated exceptionally in a formidable environment, under 5 km of ocean water. To our delight the data recorded is good in comparison to some of the data recorded on dedicated seismic stations on land. This can only yield high quality research in the very near future!

Here we show a seismogram recorded on one of our stations for a teleseismic earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 that struck Chile on Christmas Day 2016.


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