Party at sea – Happy Birthday Kate!

Amidst the hustle and bustle on the ship, today is a special day for the Principle Investigator of this research expedition. Today is Dr. Catherine Rychert’s birthday! Despite her efforts to closely watch our every move in the nerve center of operations – the main lab, we managed to prepare a small surprise for her. We designed a poster and a birthday card (pirate themed) at 4 am while recovery operations were underway! We gathered in the galley just before dinner at 17:15 hours, putting up a poster and setting the music system to play a birthday song. As we were approaching our next station, Kate couldn’t leave the main lab as she was on watch. This was perfect for us! We left one radio-on in the lab. At 17:30 hours Mike Kendall, the senior scientist, called Kate on the radio to urgently come up to the galley for a meeting. As Kate hurriedly came up to the galley, we started singing and played the birthday song and caught her by surprise. I guess she was totally embarrassed but thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks chef Wally for a delicious chocolate cake.


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