From the Galley to the Gym

We have been 10 days at sea already! Life on board is now getting into a routine, most times losing count of which day of the week it is. Having recovered 7 out of 39 stations, i.e. 14 instruments in total, the recovery procedure has now become pretty much “standard”. Everyone involved with recovery, from the bridge to the deck, works like a symphony. But life on the ship is not only about science and station recovery. We need to be fed good, healthy and delicious delicious food. The RSS Discovery is a big ship, and with such a ship comes a large, well-equipped kitchen. Two chefs, Peter and Wally, man the kitchen. A big ‘British-style’ breakfast is served at 7:30 am sharp. Lunch is between 11:30 – 12:20, and dinner is served between 17:30 and 18:30 hours. For those working on night shift, they can have their food served later. In addition to these strict meal times, there is always something to eat or nibble; salads, cold meat, fruits, and ice cream are available 24/7. Oh, and did we mention the desserts? They are ‘homemade’ and yes, they taste delicious!

Chefs Wally (left) and Peter (right) take a break for a picture

Such tasty pleasures come at a price. Yes, you got it right – painful workouts at the gym. The ship has a small but well equipped gym. The crew have a choice of treadmill, cycling, rowing, stepper, and weights. Surprisingly (or not), the gym is indeed a busy place and people use it throughout the day. Perhaps now is the time to go and burn some calories!!


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