Crossing the line

Along with the hard work and science comes a bit of fun. Few people get the opportunity to sail across oceans, and lesser get the chance to cross the equator! There are many myths and legends that are related to the ‘Line Crossing’, with some involving strict rituals too! Some of the crew, who were on this same mission last year, crossed the equator and are now called Trusty or Honourable Shellback, often also referred to as Sons of Neptune. However, those who have not yet crossed are called Pollywogs (for now). Today we crossed the equatorial line at 16˚ 10’ W longitude. As we crossed the line the ship sounded its bells and the captain welcomed everyone to the southern hemisphere. Although we did not perform the “Line Crossing” ceremony (yet!), many of the scientific crew took time to relax on the foredeck as we sailed on to the next station.


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