Voilà, all in the sea

We are proud to announce that all the 78 stations are at the ocean bottom! That is, 39 ocean-bottom seismic (OBS) and magnetotelluric (OBMT) stations have been deployed at 39 sites, 2 at each site. The last stations were released into the sea this morning at 08:45 UTC time. All the stations were deployed within an intensive 15 days time. Although this mission target has been achieved, it is still not yet over. Our return transit will take no less than 6 days to head back to Porto Grande in Cape Verde. Now it is time for all the scientific crew to rest and adjust to normal sleeping hours.

The last OBS station to be deployed into the ocean was released by Principal Investigator Nicholas Harmon.

2 thoughts on “Voilà, all in the sea

    1. ma1c15

      Hi Christine-thanks, feels good to be done and looking forward to getting them back next year! Yes that is Ted behind me-I’ll pass on the hello:) -Nick


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