Health & safety session

The ship is to set sail in less than 24 hours. While the seaman prepare the vessel for her trip, the science party held two briefings and a health & safety session.

Health and safety is a serious matter when on board such an industrial ship. Non-permanent crew were given a guided tour of the ship, shown areas of different restriction level, given explanations on what appropriate wearable gear is need for the different areas, the internal communication phone lines, laundry rooms, relaxation areas etc.

During the science briefings the mission targets and procedures were discussed. It is an amazing experience to se how scientists from different countries and institution come together, share their ideas and expertise, in order to come up with the best implementation.

Later during the day everyone has been informed to be on board the ship by 7 am tomorrow morning, Tuesday 1st March. The ship is to set sail at 8 am sharp.


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